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The Rt Hon Lord Baron

Paul Martin Piecuch CStS

of Cargoll, county Cornwall

Digital Transformation Expert | Leader | Published Author | Lecturer | Photographer | Aristocrat

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My name is Paul, and I have a privilege
to serve as a senior digital transformation strategist and technology evangelist with over 13 years of experie
nce in large-scale international projects mainly within the healthcare and finance / fin-tech industries.



During my career I have acquired a vast set of skills, experience and a precious business contact network built on trust and mutual respect. I have had the privilege of working with: The European Commission. Governments of Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and Czechia







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as well as private corporations such as FROG Design, PwC, E&Y, Aegon, Microsoft, Toshiba, Gerson-Lehrman Group, AlphaSights, and

many others.

I have written multiple books, magazine articles and other publications on digital transformation management and patient data safety. I was involved in building technological awareness among doctors and patients through workshops and lectures I performed myself

(over 1800 hours ) on clinical management, digital healthcare, telemedicine, business communication and data security.


Over 38 000 medical professionals have attended my seminars and classes.




Business Enquiries:

Work & Publications

Over the last 13 years, I have written multiple articles for various industry magazines and business web portals. I have also designed and implemented complete training programme designed to teach digital skills and awareness to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Moreover, I am an author of a series of 7 books on Electronic Medical Records published in Poland, by the "Wiedza i Praktyka" Publishing House in Warsaw.




The Polish Ministry of Health used my works in various publications. The good examle would be the EMR & EPR policy white paper entitled: 'Recommendations in a field of safe processing medical data in a digital form, within nationwide eHealth platform (called P1 Platform). This document remains obligatory to use by​ every healthcare facility (public or private) currently operating in Poland.

I am also honoured to bear the historic family title: (The Rt Hon Lord ) Baron

of Cargoll, county Cornwall, dating back to the XI century. (noted in the Doomsday Book).

Back, in 2021, I was also decorated The Commanders Cross of the Order of Saint Stanislas for my significant and nationwide involvement in promoting and teaching  new medical technologies, as well as ITC computer systems in medicine with emphasis on good information security practices.


Selected previous

business roles:

Independent Expert Advisor (1.7 years) 

 United Nations, New York 


Expert Advisor & Strategist (over 7 years)

European Commission, Brussels


Expert Advisor (over 2 years)
AlphaSights Consulting, London


Life Sciences Council Member (over 6 years) 
Gerson Lehrman Group, New York


Publisher & Digital Consultant UX/UI/Content Lifecycle (over 6 years) 
AEGON UK, Edinburgh


Author, Expert Advisor & Lecturer/Keynote Speaker (12 years) 
"Wiedza i Praktyka" Publishing House, Warsaw


Medical Technology Manager (over 2 years) 
"Okulus" Private Ophtalmology and Eye Surgery Hospital, Bielsko-Biala


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